Saturday 24 February 2018

Adding Alliant Data to your T&T, T&T1:1, and Recommendation’s Profile

alliant and test&target

As you may know, Test&Target immediately creates or augments an anonymous profile when visitors come across the mbox. This is the case whether the mbox technology is being used within Display, on Mobile, in Email or anywhere on the site. Sources of traffic, site behaviors, and offline data are all common uses of this profile for targeting or personalization.

For years, many of our clients have been passing data from Third Party Data providers to the T&T Profile as mbox parameters for targeting or personalizing their site. We have seen these clients get a considerable amount of value using these types of data sets. The Product and Engineering teams just made it a lot easier for all of the T&T clients to see similar value. T&T has productized the use of Alliant Data for targeting and segmenting anywhere where you are using the Test&Target technology for personalization or targeting.

Alliant is a leading aggregator of direct-to-consumer buying information from online and offline marketers. Test&Target users can create customer segments from 65 key marketing performance measures such as: recency, frequency, monetary value, product affinity and payment history. Data represents actual consumer behavior summarized at the zip code level and ranked from Very Low to Very High based on recent activity from over 120 million US consumers.

What you see below is LIVE content that is coming directly from T&T using an offer. T&T is profiling your anonymous demographic information and matching that against the Alliant Data. The values in RED are dynamically generated values. All of these Profile attributes and values would be available for use in Test&Target, Test&Target1:1, and Recommendations. Please see your Account Executive to have this enabled in your T&T account.

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