Saturday 24 February 2018

It is all about the profile

Profile in T&T display

I was really excited to read Jason Thompson’s post on leveraging Test&Target to dynamically insert search queries onto the page via offers. It inspired me to follow up here and touch on the rationale for doing such a thing. I also thought I would explain how one would go about accomplishing this by leveraging the Test&Target profile – the cornerstone of the Test&Target platform. I will also demonstrate how to get more value out of this profile by not only using it on the landing page but also in display ads.

Inserting the search engine query term onto the landing page is something that our customers have been doing for years. In the testing world it is a pretty safe bet to get a winning test result by simply being relevant. Relevance is king when it comes to test designs. Relevance can be accomplished in countless ways including simply reinforcing the keyword or message on the landing page. The simple reinforcement of the query term might not be effective in increasing the given conversion event. This is why you test.

For example, I have seen clients test keyword reinforcement only to find that it is only effective on ‘internal search results’ landing pages versus the ‘home page’ as the landing page. I have also seen very interesting results where rather then using the keyword to reinforce, imagery or navigation based off of the query was most effective.

As for setting the profile, this can be accomplished in two ways. The first is very straightforward as it is passed along to the mbox as seen here:

profile in an mbox

Simple and easy and now you can immediately take advantage of this profile value for targeting and segmenting. You can even use this value ANYWHERE where you are using T&T for your optimizations. An mbox 5 steps deeper in the site can use it or it can be used on a visit made 10 days later.

The second approach is even easier as you don’t have to bother IT to change your mbox setup. The profile can be set in T&T in the ‘Manage Profile’ section available in the bottom right of the Campaign list page. This Profile Management section can also be accessed by clicking on the configuration tab and then on the Profiles breadcrumb link.

I took the second approach in my example and that setup can be seen here:

profile scripts Test&Target

The actual use of this profile attribute is the truly dynamic part.  The values are available as Tokens for use in T&T offers.  So, rather then using Javascript in the offer to display the keyword repeater, one can take this approach by using this syntax in the offer:T&T offer

When this offer is used the token dynamically assigns the value to the anonymous ID of that visitor.

I’ve created a mock up so you can see this live and in action.

1.  Do a Google search with a query that will bring you to the website (testandtargeting mboxes ads, testandtargeting campaigns, testandtargeting ads, and The Target in Test&Target work well). Here is the link to a search of testandtargeting ads: “testandtargeting ads Google Search”

2.  Click through on the URL bringing you to my landing page.

3. You have the keyword repeater using the above offer via the profile!

keyword repeater

As an added Bonus check out how this Profile Attribute value can be used in your Display Optimizations.  If you have Flash CS5 then you can ‘flashbox’ your flash files including the ones used in display.  This is done via the Test&Target extension as seen here:

CS5 Flash T&T Test&Target

Once you’ve configured your flash asset for targeting, personalization and of course testing, you can simply set up the test design in Test&Target using a Display campaign as seen here:

T&T Display Campaign

Check out the offer assigned to Experience A as it is using the Token to present the Profile Value in a Display Ad.

To see this live and action visit this URL and check out the bottom right Ad above the fold: (notice it is a separate URL and there are NO mboxes on this page).

If you didn’t follow the steps above to see the keyword repeater you would see this:

Profile in T&T display

If you did follow the steps above you would see the keyword you used in the Google search as seen here:

If you want to read more about using the Test&Target extension in Flash Professional CS5 I suggest this great post.

Here is a quick video highlighting these examples live:

Tools used to accomplish this:
Adobe Dreamweaver – placing mbox on for keyword repeater on landing page
Adobe Test&Target – setting up the profile and the campaign that drives the dynamically generated content on the landing page and in the display ad
Adobe Flash CS5 – insertion of the T&T flashbox for use in display media
Adobe Captivate – to record the video demo


  1. Jason says:

    This is awesome. Thank you so much for posting. Great insights here.

    Would you mind if we included the video on our new video tutorial site ? We would credit you and point visitors back to this post for more detailed information.

  2. bhawkins says:

    Thanks Jason. I wouldn’t mind at all if you posted the video there. That would be great.

  3. Great stuff! Thanks for putting this together!

    By the way, I’ve noticed you’re using an older version of the Test&Target extension for Flash Pro CS5. You might want to update to the latest, which includes more sophisticated ways for creating different, targeted experiences.

  4. bhawkins says:

    Thanks so much Marius. I didn’t know there was an update to the extension. I am going to download it now and I can’t wait to play with it.




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